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Protect Your Pavers With Sealer

There is a long list of benefits in having Lighthouse Pavers seal your freshly installed pavers or even having us bring new life to your old moldy pavers. 

  •  The first and most noticeable benefit is the look. I know! Can you believe it? Your already amazing looking patio can look even better! The sealer we most often use is water-based with color boosting technology; not only does this give the pavers a nice sheen, but it will also make your paver color pop showing more contrast from brick to brick. Whether you choose glossy or more of a satin finish is up to you. Imagine a kind of damp look like after a light rainstorm. 
  • The second benefit to sealing your pavers is the protection provided by sealers.  Now that there is a thin coating protecting your beautiful new (or old!) paver patio, paver driveway, or paver walkway, you can rest assured that when you invite Carol over for dinner she's not going to ruin your patio when she spills her "actually really good" boxed wine all over your pavers.  Just rinse with water and your pavers are ready to fight stains for another day.  If you don't know any boxed-wine-drinking Carols, but have kids, pets, well irrigation, a lot of sunshine (our sealers have UV protectors to help with color fading), or a leaky car, paver protection is probably the most appealing benefit to you.
  • The third benefit to sealing your pavers is sand stabilization. Most of the better sealers, especially the sealers we use, have sand stabilizers.  This is great for a number of reasons! Weeds will now have a harder time taking root between the cracks of your pavers and ants will think twice about burrowing through something that difficult to move. Here in Central Florida, where Lighthouse Pavers is based, we also have to worry about hurricanes and frequent thunderstorms. With a great sealer, wash out from all of the torrential rain storms will be mitigated.
  • The fourth and final benefit to sealing your pavers is mold prevention.  In Central Florida we are always fighting mold, especially in something as porous as pavers. The water-based sealers we use are best at letting ground water evaporate through the pavers, while still preventing a large majority of rain water to soak through the tops. This trapped water is one of the largest contributors in causing mold. Sealing will help prevent water from getting trapped.

If you have any questions about sealing pavers give us a call!  We'd love to help make sure you enjoy your paver patio for years to come!

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Here is a sample before and after of a driveway we sealed in Melbourne, Florida:

Before Sealing Paver Driveway in Melbourne

Sealed paver driveway in Melbourne FL